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Key State Agencies & Organisations involved in Foreign Economic Activity / Useful links

Ministries and administrative bodies:
Name Site
Ministry for Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan http://www.afer.uz/
Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan www.mf.uz/eng
Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan www.mineconomy.uz/index.php?lan=en
Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan www.gov.uz/en/section.scm?sectionId=2342
Ministry of Labor and Social Security of the Republic of Uzbekistan www.gov.uz/en/section.scm?sectionId=2332
State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Demonopolization and Competition Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan http://www.antimon.uz/eng/n0.html
State Tax Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan http://www.soliq.org/?newlang=eng
State Customs Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan http://www.customs.uz/
State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Statistics http://www.stat.uz/index_e.htm
State Property Committee of Uzbekistan http://www.spc.gov.uz/
State Patent Office of the Republic of Uzbekistan http://www.patent.uz/eng/index.htm
Communication and Information Agency of Uzbekistan http://www.gov.uz/en/section.scm?sectionId=2762
Agency "Uzstandard"
(Standardization Agency )


Associations and holdings:

Name Site
State Joint Stock Company "O'zbekyengilsanoat" (Light industry) www.legprom.uz/eng/index.php
State Joint Stock Company "Uzkimyosanoat"
(Chemical industry)
Joint Stock Company "Uzavtosanoat"
(Automobile industry)
Holding Company "Uzplodoovoshvinprom-Holding" (Wines, fruit and vegetable processing industry) http://www.uzvinprom.com/
National Holding Company "Uzbekneftegaz"
(Oil and Gas industry)
Business Incubators Network Development in Uzbekistan www.binc.uzsci.net/un/index.php?ln=en
Uzbek Association on Reproductive Health http://www.uarh.uz/en
Uzbek Bar Association http://www.advocates.uz/en/
GS1 Uzbekistan Association http://www.gs1uz.org/
Holding Company "Fayz" (Furniture industry) http://fayz.uz/
Uzbek International Forwarders Association http://www.uifa.uz/welcome-eng.html



Name Site
National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan http://www.nbu.com/
State Commercial Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan "Halq Bank" http://www.xalqbank.com/
Joint Stock Commercial Bank "Aloqabank" http://www.alokabank.uz/
Joint Stock Commercial Bank "Asaka Bank" www.asakabank.com/en
Alp Jamol Bank http://www.alpjamolbank.com/
Uzbek International Bank "Uzprivatbank" www.uzprivatbank.com/cgi-bin/main.cgi?nom=2&ind=2&lan=e
“Hamkorbank” http://www.hamkorbank.uz/
Joint Stock Innovational Commercial Bank "Ipak Yuli" http://biy.uz/en/


Representative offices of international organization and funds:

Name Site
United Nations Development Program http://www.undp.uz/
Representative Office of Asian Development Bank in Uzbekistan www.adb.org/urm
Representative Office of World Bank in Uzbekistan http://www.worldbank.org.uz/
Regional Office of Eurasia Foundation in Tashkent www.efcentralasia.org/index.htm
Representative Office of Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in Uzbekistan www.jica.go.jp/uzbekistan/index.html
Representative Office of Japan External Trade Organization in Uzbekistan http://www.jetrouz.com/, http://www.jetro.go.jp/
United States Agency for International Development www.usaid.gov/locations/europe_eurasia/
Europa House - Implementation and Management Support Office in Uzbekistan http://europahouse.uz/en
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation http://www.swisscoop.uz/
The International Research & Exchange Board http://www.irex.uz/
Representative office of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) http://www.osce.org/tashkent/
Representative office of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) http://www.imf.org/external/country/UZB/index.htm
Representative office of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) http://www.ebrd.com/country/country/uzbe/index.htm
Representative office of the International Financial Corporation (IFC) http://www.ifc.org/ifcext/eca.nsf/Content/Uzbekistan_Home



Name Site
Republican Stock Exchange "Tashkent" http://www.uzse.uz/
Uzbek Republican Commodity & Raw Exchange http://www.uzex.com/
Republican Real Estate Exchange www.rkmb.uz/English/main/index.php
Republican Universal Agroindustrial Exchange http://www.ruapb.sk.uz/
Tashkent City Municipal Exchange Center http://www.tshmbm.uz/


Insurance agencies:

Name Site
UNIC "UzbekInvest" www.unic.gov.uz/eng/about.php
Temir Yollari – Sugurta (Railways insurance) http://www.tysugurta.sk.uz/
UzAIG www.aig.com/gateway/home
"EOS Risq Uzbekistan" http://www.eosrisq.com/
"Alskom" http://www.alscom.uz/


Other informational news sites:

Name Site
Uzbekistan National News Agency www.uza.uz/eng
“Jahon” Information Agency http://www.jahonnews.uz/eng/
"Review" Magazine http://www.review.uz/
Mobile Portal of Uzbekistan http://www.mobile.uz/
Business Support Organization BCC www.bcc.com.uz/english/about/welcome
UzReport http://www.uzreport.com/
Information Portal of the PCA Secretariat cfp.pca.uz
Center for Development Enterprise http://cr.freenet.uz/index.html
"Ahbor-Rating" http://www.bankinfo.uz/
Russian-Uzbek Information Agency "Vesti" http://www.vesti.uz/
UzBusiness http://www.uzbusiness.unitech.uz/
Made in Uzbekistan http://www.uzexport.com/
Legal Navigator www.uzlaw.org/navigator/news
Juridical Consultations http://www.yurist.uz/
Center for Coordinating and Controlling the Operations in Security Market http://www.chamber.uz/
Center for Economic Researches http://www.cer.uz/
International Business Centre www.ibc.uz/English
Uzbekistan Development Gateway http://www.darvoza.uz/
Golden Pages Uzbekistan http://www.goldenpages.uz/


E-trade solutions:

Name Site
Trade Uz http://www.torg.uz/
National Tenders Platform of Uzbekistan en.dgmarket.uz
Uzbek Republican Commodity & Raw Exchange http://www.uzex.com/
Internet Shops http://www.yarmarka.uz, www.korzinka.uz


Sites of development projects:

Name Site
Uzbek Consultant Training Project www2.ifc.org/centralasia/tlc/index.htm
Leasing in Central Asia www2.ifc.org/centralasia/leasing/english.htm
Microfinance in Uzbekistan http://www.microfinance.uz/
Bearing Point - Uzbekistan Reform Project http://www.bearingpoint.uz/
Center for Effective Economic Policy http://www.ceep.uz/
NCU - Network Database System http://www.tacis.uz/en
Site of Business Projects Competition among SME in Uzbekistan http://www.bpuz.com/
Center for Economic Researches - Promoting Nationwide Consensus on Development Perspectives http://www.cer.uz/
Uzbekistan Development Gateway - Facilitating Dynamic Development in Uzbekistan http://www.darvoza.uz/



Name Site
National Company “Uzbektourism” http://www.uzbektourism.uz/en/
Tourism.uz http://www.tourism.uz/en/



Name Site
Fund Forum of Art and Culture of Uzbekistan http://fundforum.uz
Fund “Mehr Nuri” (Ray of Mercy) http://mehrnuti.uz
Social initiative support fund http://sisf.uz
Republican Public Children’s Fund “Sen elgiz emassan” (You are not alone) http://www.sen.uz
Fund “Soglom avlod uchun” (For healthy generation)  
GEF - Agency of the International Fund of Rescue of Aral Sea http://www.aral.uz



Name Site
Uzbekistan Football Federation http://www.uzfootball.com/
International Kurash Association http://www.kurash-ika.org/
Center for Certification and Computerization of the Ministry of Cultural and Sports Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan www.sport.uz/eng/index.htm
All About Bowling in Uzbekistan http://www.bowling.uz/
Site of the international Sport Channel of Uzbekistan "Sport" http://www.sport-s.freenet.uz/

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