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Sport achievements of Uzbekistan in the years of independence  » 09.09.2015

Development of agriculture in Uzbekistan during the Years of Independence  » 08.09.2015

Independence – the basis of the economic development achievements of Uzbekistan  » 07.09.2015

On the way to improve the judicial system  » 07.09.2015

August 29 - International Day against Nuclear Tests   »      29.08.2015

The visit of the Deputy Director-General of UNESCO to the National Library of Uzbekistan   »      28.08.2015

Chinese TV will show a film about Uzbekistan   »      28.08.2015

"Vesti Urala" on the development of civil society in Uzbekistan   »      26.08.2015

Enhancing the role of civil society institutions in the implementation of public control discussed   »      25.08.2015

American expert: In Uzbekistan, civil society institutions has a broad public support   »      25.08.2015

To boost the effectiveness of press services   »      24.08.2015

Election Times: Uzbekistan has created favorable conditions for the development of civil society   » 24.08.2015

Chinese media: NGOs of Uzbekistan effectively participate in the building of a democratic state   » 24.08.2015

Afrosiyob train starts to run to Karshi   » 23.08.2015

S.Prisner: "Total volume of UN projects in Uzbekistan exceeds 434 million USD"   » 22.08.2015

"Success of independent Uzbekistan bolstered with recognition of international community"   » 21.08.2015

David Geerts: "Macroeconomic stability and sustainable growth economy shows the right choice of economic model of state development"   » 20.08.2015

Shri Prakash: Uzbekistan - one of the most dynamically developing countries   » 20.08.2015

Ecotourism developing in Syrdarya region   » 20.08.2015

Indian mass media about the experience of Uzbekistan in support of Civil Society Institutions and NGOs   » 19.08.2015

"Tourism on the Silk Road 2015"   » 17.08.2015

Modern development of tourism industry: perspectives   » 16.08.2015


Uzbekistan's experience and international best practices in the sphere of civil society development discussed in Tashkent   » 11.08.2015

"Industrial Kyrgyzstan" about development of automobile industry in Uzbekistan  » 05.08.2015

Abdul-Reda Assiriy: "Uzbekistan achieved tremendous progress in a historically short period of time"   » 02.08.2015

Greetings from Great Britain   » 02.08.2015

Tourism industry of Uzbekistan is widely represented in Greece   » 02.08.2015

Azerbaijani edition of "Ethnoglobus": "Uzbekistan is fighting drug trafficking"   » 29.07.2015

Azerbaijani media inform about the ongoing policy of Uzbekistan to combat drug trafficking   » 28.07.2015

Organization of Islamic Cooperation got aquianted with success of Uzbekistan in fighting against drugs         » 24.07.2015

Egyptian edition about development of ICT in Uzbekistan   » 22.07.2015

UN informed of the measures taken in Uzbekistan on the fight against drug trafficking   » 21.07.2015

The main directions of anti-drug policies and their implementation in the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2014   » 18.07.2015

Azerbaijani mass media about the past round table in Uzbekistan    » 16.07.2015

Session of the Cabinet of Ministers   » 16.07.2015

Implementation of law discussed   » 16.07.2015

Anti-drug policy of Uzbekistan on pages of Russian media   » 16.07.2015

Indian mass media: “Issues of development of civil society in Uzbekistan studied in Germany”   » 14.07.2015

Lawmakers Discuss Welfare Measures    » 13.07.2015

Egyptian "Shabab an-Nil": "Uzbekistan held wide-ranging reforms to improve the work of parliament"   » 13.07.2015

The anti-drug policy of Uzbekistan: view from abroad    » 12.07.2015

Issues of development of civil society in Uzbekistan discussed in Berlin   » 10.07.2015

Effects of Social Partnership   » 08.07.2015

Briefing in Seoul   » 07.07.2015

In Israel studied the anti-drug policy in Uzbekistan   » 06.07.2015

Bolstering the Activities of Civil Society Institutions   » 03.07.2015

People Who Grant Brightness   » 03.07.2015

Tashkent hosted round table on ICT development   » 03.07.2015

Uzbekistan presents the II National Report on the Millennium Development Goals   » 01.07.2015

Tashkent hosted round table on how to reach out officials and public about new laws, Uzbekistan’s and international best practices discussed   » 30.06.2015

Bringing of adopted laws to executing officers and public: the experience of Uzbekistan and international practice  » 27.06.2015

The presentation of Uzbekistan in Almaty  » 27.06.2015

Press conference at the UNODC office in Uzbekistan (photo)  » 26.06.2015

To the employees of press and media  » 26.06.2015

Azerbaijani mass media about measures taken in Uzbekistan to combat the drug threat  » 26.06.2015

The visit of the Uzbek delegation to France  » 26.06.2015

The benefits of the "Uzbek model" of development have been discussed in Turkey  » 26.06.2015

Latvian media about the main directions of anti-drug policy in Uzbekistan  » 25.06.2015

"Round table" in Saudi Arabia  » 24.06.2015

Tashkent hosted a "round table" on ICT development  » 24.06.2015

Briefing in Latvia  » 24.06.2015

Administrative justice: experience of Uzbekistan  » 24.06.2015

Indian media about improving the quality of training and retraining of judicial personnel in Uzbekistan  » 24.06.2015

The EU informed about the drug situation in Uzbekistan   » 22.06.2015

The issues of improving the monitoring of performance of budget legislation   » 20.06.2015

The Times Kuwait to improve the training of lawyers in Uzbekistan   » 19.06.2015

Baltic News Service of the Tashkent Conference   » 18.06.2015

At the OSCE familiarized with the system of legal education in Uzbekistan   » 17.06.2015

Uzbekistan - participant of major international events in Geneva  » 16.06.2015

Opinions of deputies of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan on the visit of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to Uzbekistan  » 14.06.2015

Uzbekistan on the pages of The Blue Moon  » 14.06.2015

Uzbekistan - UN: cooperation for peace and sustainable development  » 13.06.2015

UN Secretary General arrived in Uzbekistan  » 12.06.2015

The Israeli press about the effectiveness of parliamentary control in Uzbekistan  » 12.06.2015

Factions of political parties discuss the results of the execution of the State Budget  » 11.06.2015

Uzbekistan - UN: cooperation for peace, stability and prosperity  » 11.06.2015

Cooperation in the field of training of lawyers» 11.06.2015

On the upcoming Uzbek-Chinese political consultations  » 10.06.2015

Senators of Uzbekistan visited Germany  » 09.06.2015

The Baltic Course informs on the Tashkent Conference  » 09.06.2015

Bernama: Uzbekistan carried out large-scale reforms aimed at increasing the role of Parliament  » 08.06.2015

The Law "On the Securities Market" in the new edition is adopted in Uzbekistan  » 06.06.2015

In Madrid experts discussed the process of democratization and judicial reforms in Uzbekistan  » 06.06.2015

US Federal Judicial Center is studying the experience of Uzbekistan  » 05.06.2015

Pakistani media continues to report on important events in Uzbekistan  » 05.06.2015

Journal "Aviamost" on parliamentary control in Uzbekistan  » 04.06.2015

Uzbekistan: equal opportunities for women and men in political decision-making  » 03.06.2015

Jeremy Fogel: "Uzbekistan is a civil and modern country"  » 02.06.2015

Latvian media about Uzbekistan  » 02.06.2015

"Round table" in Riga  » 01.06.2015

AKIpress about Uzbekistan  » 30.05.2015

Tachkent-Paris about Uzbekistan  » 29.05.2015

Dunfan Daily about the successes of Uzbekistan in achieving the MDGs  » 25.05.2015

"Uzbekistan has outlined eight global development goals"» 12.05.2015

"Voice of Turkey" on Uzbekistan» 12.05.2015

Baltic News Service about the presentation of National Report on MDGs in Uzbekistan» 10.05.2015

Uninform.org about the successes of Uzbekistan in achieving the Millennium Development Goals» 08.05.2015

Uzbekistan and Millennium Development Goals: A strong social policy and the welfare of the population» 06.05.2015

Uzbekistan: long-term and sustainable economic growth» 05.05.2015

Uzbekistan's experience in demand by international community» 12.03.2015


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