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State bodies of the Republic of Uzbekistan:
Name Site
Press Service of the President of Uzbekistan www.press-service.uz/en
Senate of the of the Oliy Majlis (Parliament) www.senat.gov.uz
Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis (Parliament) www.parliament.gov.uz 
Portal of the State of Authority of Uzbekistan www.gov.uz
Ministry of Foreign Affairs www.mfa.uz/?newlang=eng
Ministry of Finance www.mf.uz/eng
Ministry of Economy www.mineconomy.uz/index.php?lan=en
Ministry for Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade http://www.afer.uz/
Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources www.gov.uz/en/section.scm?sectionId=2342
Ministry of Labor and Social Security www.gov.uz/en/section.scm?sectionId=2332
Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education www.edu.uz/index.php?sel_lang=english
Ministry of the Public Education http://www.edu.fan.uz/
Ministry of Health www.gov.uz/en/section.scm?sectionId=2330
Ministry of Cultural and Sport Affairs http://www.madaniyat.sport.uz/en/index.htm
Ministry of Defense www.gov.uz/en/section.scm?sectionId=2338
Ministry of Internal Affairs www.gov.uz/en/section.scm?sectionId=1789
Ministry of Emergency Situations http://www.mes.st.uz/
Ministry of Justice http://www.gov.uz/en/section.scm?sectionId=2346
State Committee on Demonopolization and Competition Development http://www.antimon.uz/eng/n0.html
State Tax Committee http://www.soliq.org/?newlang=eng
State Customs Committee http://www.customs.uz/
State Committee on Statistics http://www.stat.uz/index_e.htm
State Property Committee http://www.spc.gov.uz/
State Patent Office http://www.patent.uz/eng/index.htm
Communication and Information Agency http://www.gov.uz/en/section.scm?sectionId=2762
Uzbek Republican Agency on Copyright http://www.uzraap.uz/
Agency "Uzstandard"
(Standardization Agency )
Department of Diplomatic Services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs http://www.ddsmfa.uz/en
Uzbekistan Airways http://www.airways.uz/

Associations and holdings:
Name Site
State Joint Stock Company "O'zbekyengilsanoat" (Light industry) www.legprom.uz/eng/index.php
State Joint Stock Company "Uzkimyosanoat"
(Chemical industry)
Joint Stock Company "Uzavtosanoat"
(Automobile industry)
Holding Company "Uzplodoovoshvinprom-Holding" (Wines, fruit and vegetable processing industry) http://www.uzvinprom.com/
National Holding Company "Uzbekneftegaz"
(Oil and Gas industry)
Business Incubators Network Development in Uzbekistan www.binc.uzsci.net/un/index.php?ln=en
Uzbek Association on Reproductive Health http://www.uarh.uz/en
Uzbek Bar Association http://www.advocates.uz/en/
GS1 Uzbekistan Association http://www.gs1uz.org/
Holding Company "Fayz" (Furniture industry) http://fayz.uz/
Uzbek International Forwarders Association http://www.uifa.uz/welcome-eng.html


Name Site
National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan http://www.nbu.com/
State Commercial Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan "Halq Bank" http://www.xalqbank.com/
Joint Stock Commercial Bank "Aloqabank" http://www.alokabank.uz/
Joint Stock Commercial Bank "Asaka Bank" www.asakabank.com/en
Alp Jamol Bank http://www.alpjamolbank.com/
Uzbek International Bank "Uzprivatbank" www.uzprivatbank.com/cgi-bin/main.cgi?nom=2&ind=2&lan=e
“Hamkorbank” http://www.hamkorbank.uz/
Joint Stock Innovational Commercial Bank "Ipak Yuli" http://biy.uz/en/

Leading Educational Establishments:



University of World Economy and Diplomacy


Westminster International University in Tashkent


National University of Uzbekistan


Uzbek State World Languages University


Tashkent University Information Technologies


Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies


Tashkent State Institute of Law


Tashkent Financial Institute


Tashkent Institute of Architecture and Construction


Samarkand State University


Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages


Bukhara Technological Institute of Food and Light Industry


Ferghana Polytechnical Institute


Representative offices of international organization and funds:

Name Site
United Nations Development Program http://www.undp.uz/
Representative Office of Asian Development Bank in Uzbekistan www.adb.org/urm
Representative Office of World Bank in Uzbekistan http://www.worldbank.org.uz/
Regional Office of Eurasia Foundation in Tashkent www.efcentralasia.org/index.htm
Representative Office of Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in Uzbekistan www.jica.go.jp/uzbekistan/index.html
Representative Office of Japan External Trade Organization in Uzbekistan http://www.jetrouz.com/, http://www.jetro.go.jp/
United States Agency for International Development www.usaid.gov/locations/europe_eurasia/
Europa House - Implementation and Management Support Office in Uzbekistan http://europahouse.uz/en
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation http://www.swisscoop.uz/
The International Research & Exchange Board http://www.irex.uz/
Representative office of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) http://www.osce.org/tashkent/
Representative office of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) http://www.imf.org/external/country/UZB/index.htm
Representative office of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) http://www.ebrd.com/country/country/uzbe/index.htm
Representative office of the International Financial Corporation (IFC) http://www.ifc.org/ifcext/eca.nsf/Content/Uzbekistan_Home


Name Site
Republican Stock Exchange "Tashkent" http://www.uzse.uz/
Uzbek Republican Commodity & Raw Exchange http://www.uzex.com/
Republican Real Estate Exchange www.rkmb.uz/English/main/index.php
Republican Universal Agroindustrial Exchange http://www.ruapb.sk.uz/
Tashkent City Municipal Exchange Center http://www.tshmbm.uz/

Insurance agencies:

Name Site
UNIC "UzbekInvest" www.unic.gov.uz/eng/about.php
Temir Yollari – Sugurta (Railways insurance) http://www.tysugurta.sk.uz/
UzAIG www.aig.com/gateway/home
"EOS Risq Uzbekistan" http://www.eosrisq.com/
"Alskom" http://www.alscom.uz/

Other informational news sites:

Name Site
Uzbekistan National News Agency www.uza.uz/eng
“Jahon” Information Agency http://www.jahonnews.uz/eng/
"Review" Magazine http://www.review.uz/
Mobile Portal of Uzbekistan http://www.mobile.uz/
Business Support Organization BCC www.bcc.com.uz/english/about/welcome
UzReport http://www.uzreport.com/
Information Portal of the PCA Secretariat cfp.pca.uz
Center for Development Enterprise http://cr.freenet.uz/index.html
"Ahbor-Rating" http://www.bankinfo.uz/
Russian-Uzbek Information Agency "Vesti" http://www.vesti.uz/
UzBusiness http://www.uzbusiness.unitech.uz/
Made in Uzbekistan http://www.uzexport.com/
Legal Navigator www.uzlaw.org/navigator/news
Juridical Consultations http://www.yurist.uz/
Center for Coordinating and Controlling the Operations in Security Market http://www.chamber.uz/
Center for Economic Researches http://www.cer.uz/
International Business Centre www.ibc.uz/English
Uzbekistan Development Gateway http://www.darvoza.uz/
Golden Pages Uzbekistan http://www.goldenpages.uz/

E-trade solutions:

Name Site
Trade Uz http://www.torg.uz/
National Tenders Platform of Uzbekistan en.dgmarket.uz
Uzbek Republican Commodity & Raw Exchange http://www.uzex.com/
Internet Shops http://www.yarmarka.uz, www.korzinka.uz

Sites of development projects:

Name Site
Uzbek Consultant Training Project www2.ifc.org/centralasia/tlc/index.htm
Leasing in Central Asia www2.ifc.org/centralasia/leasing/english.htm
Microfinance in Uzbekistan http://www.microfinance.uz/
Bearing Point - Uzbekistan Reform Project http://www.bearingpoint.uz/
Center for Effective Economic Policy http://www.ceep.uz/
NCU - Network Database System http://www.tacis.uz/en
Site of Business Projects Competition among SME in Uzbekistan http://www.bpuz.com/
Center for Economic Researches - Promoting Nationwide Consensus on Development Perspectives http://www.cer.uz/
Uzbekistan Development Gateway - Facilitating Dynamic Development in Uzbekistan http://www.darvoza.uz/


Name Site
National Company “Uzbektourism” http://www.uzbektourism.uz/en/
Tourism.uz http://www.tourism.uz/en/


Name Site
Fund Forum of Art and Culture of Uzbekistan http://fundforum.uz
Fund “Mehr Nuri” (Ray of Mercy) http://mehrnuti.uz
Social initiative support fund http://sisf.uz
Republican Public Children’s Fund “Sen elgiz emassan” (You are not alone) http://www.sen.uz
Fund “Soglom avlod uchun” (For healthy generation)  
GEF - Agency of the International Fund of Rescue of Aral Sea http://www.aral.uz


Name Site
Uzbekistan Football Federation http://www.uzfootball.com/
International Kurash Association http://www.kurash-ika.org/
Center for Certification and Computerization of the Ministry of Cultural and Sports Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan www.sport.uz/eng/index.htm
All About Bowling in Uzbekistan http://www.bowling.uz/
Site of the international Sport Channel of Uzbekistan "Sport" http://www.sport-s.freenet.uz/


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